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Digital Garment Printing

Our products are printed using a digital "direct-to-garment" process. The process is similar to a desktop inkjet printer: four color inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) are combined to reproduce all the colors in a design.

The design is sent to the printer and printed directly on the garment. After the ink cures in a heat press, the garment is ready to wear.

This process allows us to print full-color designs at a resolution up to 600 dots per inch, and produces consistent high-quality images.

Because the ink penetrates the material there is no "feel" to the print on the final product. The print is very durable and does not crack or peel as it ages, even with repeated washing.

We are also able to scale an image up or down to accommodate larger or smaller size items in an order free of charge.

Full-Color Printing

Because we are digital, we do not charge based on the number of colors in the print and there no are setup fees. This means you are not limited in your design options when printing on white.

Using a four-color process there is no white ink, which makes it impossible to print on a dark color such as black or navy.

For colored shirts, there may be some limitations on the colors that can be printed, and this will depend on the shirt color and the design. As a general rule, we cannot print a color lighter than the color of the shirt.

We do have a large selection of available shirt colors, and if you have any questions call or email.


Low Environmental Impact

We are proud of the fact that our printing process is environmentally-friendly. The entire process requires only the garment, ink and electricity for the printer and a small heat press.

We use no chemicals in our process. The inks are water-based, and empty ink cartridges are returned to the manufacturer for recycling.

We also offer organic and recycled-content shirts and other products.
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